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Session Paper Evaluation
Session Paper Supervision
Keynote Prof. ElMaraghy
Keynote Prof. Lanza
Session Paper Artificial intelligence
Session Paper Diversity
Industrial Keynote Assystem
Session Paper Decision
Session Paper Ontologies
Session Paper Digitalisation
Session Paper Ontologies (2)
Session Paper New Trends


Prof. Hoda ElMaraghy : Smart Changeable Manufacturing

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Lanza  : Changeable, human centred structures in cyber-physical factories and networks
 PLANA Robert, Assystem : Engineering paradigm for advanced industrial infrastructures

Managing diversity

Embracing complicatedness and complexity with Anarchic Manufacturing
Ma Andrew , Nassehi Aydin , Snider Chris

Investigating the Transition towards Changeability through Platform-based Co-development of Products and Manufacturing Systems: a Case Study from Automotive Industry
Andersen Ann-Louise , Rösiö Carin

Operational Classification and Method for Reconfiguration & Recommissioning of Changeable Manufacturing Systems on System Level
Tram Mortensen Steffen  , Madsen Ole

Mass Personalization with Industry 4.0 by SMEs: a concept for collaborative networks
Torn I.a.r., Vaneker T.h.j.

Product and service modularization for variety management
Ezzat Omar , Medini Khaled , Boucher Xavier , Delorme Xavier

Modelling of Customer Oriented Applications in Product Lifecycle using RAMI 4.0 
Mourtzis Dimitris , Gargallis Antonis , Zogopoulos Vasilios

Decisions Making

Dealing with uncertainty in decision process for safety 
Aissani Nassima , Zoubida Lounis , Guetarni Hadj Mohamed

Data analysis and visualization framework in the manufacturing decision support system of COMPOSITION project 
Vafeiadis Thanasis  , Kalatzis Dimitris , Nizamis Alexandros , Ioannidis Dimosthenis , Apostolou Konstantinos , Metaxa Ifigeneia , Charisi Vasiliki , Beecks Christian , Insolvibile Gianluca , Pardi Matteo , Vergori Paolo, Tzovaras Dimitrios 

Implications of Cyber-Physical Production Systems on Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling 
Meissner Hermann , Aurich Jan C.


Digital twin for adaptation of robots' behavior in flexible robotic assembly lines    Kousi Niki , Gkournelos Christos , Aivaliotis Sotiris , Giannoulis Christos , Michalos George , Makris Sotirios

Prioritizing Digitalization Use Cases during Early Development Phases of Large Scale Manufacturing Systems 
Kampker Achim , Heimes Heiner , Bührer Ulrich, Schroth Paul , Krotil Stefan

In pursuit of Digital Manufacturing
Ribeiro Da Silva Elias  , Angelis Jannis  , Pinheiro De Lima Edson

New Trends

Reconfiguring machine tool behavior via smart building block systems
Peukert Bernd  , Uhlmann Eckart

Urban factories: Industry insights and empirical evidence within manufacturing companies in German-speaking countries
Burggräf Peter  , Dannapfel Matthias , Uelpenich Jérôme , Kasalo Mateo

Design of an additively manufactured soft ring-gripper
Schreiber Florian  , Manns Martin , Morales Jorge

Learning Factory with Product Configurator for Teaching Product Family Modelling and Systems Integration
Brunoe Thomas Ditlev , Tram Mortensen Steffen , Andersen Ann-Louise , Nielsen Kjeld


Supply chain resilience and structure: An evaluation framework
Olivares Aguila Jessica, Elmaraghy Waguih

Identification of reconfigurability enablers and weighting of reconfigurability characteristics based on a case study
Beauville Amélie  , Klement Nathalie , Gibaru Olivier , Roucoules Lionel , Durville Laurent

Towards an assessment criterion of reconfigurable manufacturing systems within the automotive industry 
Rösiö Carin , Aslam Tehseen , Banavara Srikantha Karthik , Shetty Savin


Towards a Core Ontology for Condition Monitoring
Cao Qiushi, Zanni-Merk Cecilia , Reich Christoph

Translating JSON Schema logics into OWL axioms for unified data validation on a digital manufacturing platform
Cheong Hyunmin  

Knowledge-based Conversion of Finite State Machines in Manufacturing Automation   
Schneider Georg Ferdinand , Peßler Georg Ambrosius , Terkaj Walter

How to Restructure PPDRC and MIRC According to DOLCE
Benavent Sergio , Rosado Pedro, Solano Lorenzo , Guarino Nicola , Sanfilippo Emilio

FMU-supported simulation for CPS Digital Twin 
Negri Elisa , Fumagalli Luca , Cimino Chiara , Macchi Marco

Preliminary ontology definition for aerospace assembly lines in Airbus using Models for Manufacturing methodology
Mas Fernando , Racero Jesus , Oliva Manuel , Morales-Palma Domingo

Production supervision and control

Automated production data feedback for adaptive work planning and production control
Denkena Berend, Dittrich Marc-André, Wilmsmeier Sören

Physical modeling of material flows in cyber-physical production systems  Glatt Moritz, Aurich Jan C.

Communication and Knowledge Management Platform for Concurrent Product and Assembly System Development
Obele Johannes, Müller Rainer , Hörauf Leenhard , Speicher Christoph

Managing Human Errors: Augmented Reality systems as a tool in the quality journey
Qeshmy Danial Etemady , Makdisi Jacob, Ribeiro Da Silva Elias, Angelis Jannis

Artificial Intelligence for production

AI Based Control of Injection Molding Process Parameters for Consistent Product Quality 
Park Hong Seok , Phuong Dang Xuan , Kumar Saurabh 

Comparison of K-means and GMM methods for contextual clustering in HSM  
Wang Zhiqiang  , Da Cunha Catherine , Ritou Mathieu , Furet Benoit   

Hybrid Artificial Intelligence System for the Design of Highly-Automated Production Systems
Hagemann Simon, Sünnetcioglu Atakan , Stark Rainer
Published on September 4, 2018 Updated on October 7, 2018