FOMI General information

9th International Workshop on Formal Ontologies meet Industry. The Manufacturing Event (FOMI@Manufacturing 2018)

 FOMI, Formal Ontologies meet Industry, is an international forum (see last edition) where academic researchers and industrial practitioners meet to analyse and discuss application issues related to methods, theories, tools and applications based on formal ontologies. There is today wide agreement that knowledge modelling and the semantic dimension of information play an increasingly central role in networked economy: semantic-based applications aim to provide a framework for information and knowledge sharing, reliable information exchange, meaning negotiation and coordination between distinct organizations or among members of the same organization.

FOMI aims to collect useful experiences and lessons learned by the presentation of:

1. Experience with problems in ontology application;
2. New insights on known problematic issues;
3. New results;
4. Successes and observations in ontology implementation;
5. Lessons learned on the best way to apply ontological methodologies to real-world situations.

This year FOMI will be hosted within the CARV conference and will be specifically targeted on the manufacturing domain, FOMI@Manufacturing. The workshop welcomes researchers, practitioners and stakeholders working with ontology-based systems and applications.

FOMI is supported by the International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA)

For information, please contact the workshop chairs

Published on March 15, 2018 Updated on April 13, 2018