FOMI Topics

Workshop Topics

Relevant topics include all CARV topics addressed with ontology-based approaches and technologies. In particular:


Ontology-based applications:

  • Practical issues of using ontologies in manufacturing organizations;
  • Ontology effectiveness and evaluation;   
  • Real-world use cases of successful/unsuccessful use of ontology;    
  • From legacy systems to ontology-driven systems;
  • Ontologies to support decision-making;
  • Ontologies for interoperable manufacturing systems;
  • Ontology-based CAx applications;
  • Integrated approaches for design/management of manufacturing systems;
  • Ontology-driven rule-based systems for manufacturing;

Ontology in practice:

  • Ontologies for corporate knowledge;
  • Efforts towards the development of standardized ontologies;
  • Ontologies for product lifecycle representation;
  • Ontologies for digital factory;
  • Ontologies for Cloud Manufacturing;
  • Ontologies for Industry 4.0 (Smart Manufacturing) environments;
  • Ontologies for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT);
  • Ontologies for Cyber-Physical Systems;
  • Ontologies for robotics;
  • Ontologies for virtual and augmented reality in manufacturing;
  • Ontologies for process planning;
  • Ontologies for production planning;
  • Ontologies for additive manufacturing;
  • Ontologies for circular economy;
  • etc.
Published on March 15, 2018 Updated on March 15, 2018